Prozessoptimierung in der Druckbranche mit ERP Software

Process optimisation in the printing industry – benefits of ERP software for large format & digital printing

With the increasing digitalisation of demand, the requierments placed on printers are also growing: everything is to be produced ever faster and more cheaply with maximum quality. In addition, the generally many specialist features, special and individual requirements, the constantly high deadline and cost pressure make the production processes in this industry a very demanding matter. Today, it is only possible to keep up with the competition, to work profitably and efficiently with maximally optimised processes. ERP software, specially designed for the special requirements of the industry, is almost indispensable.

How does the ERP software support in a printing company?

With modern ERP software, you maintain a holistic and digitally supported overview. About all areas of your business. About all processes, all projects. And this applies not only to you, but to everyone in your company who is involved in the process. The overall process of production orders
is no longer a black box. All departments work transparently and hand-in-hand. The communication interface is the ERP system, in which all information and data, documents, times, project status, machine utilisation, availabilities, resources, deadlines, etc. are recorded.

For example, new enquiries are automatically read in and converted into quotations. After confirmation or approval, the orders are generated from this, which go directly into production after comparison with the machine utilisation and availabilities. After completion, invoices are sent automatically by email.

With an ERP solution, you can map your individual company process completely digitally. Holistically and seamlessly. In this way, you improve the overall quality of all services provided in the individual processes.

A modern and holistic ERP software is your toolkit for the future. With it, you and your company can withstand future developments and realise your visions. You stay on the ball and are at the cutting edge of technology. You thus create the prerequisites for the progress and growth of your company.

Process optimisation through ERP use and expertise

On the one hand, the high demands and special features require software that can map all of this digitally. On the other hand, you need a partner who is familiar with the industry, who understands the processes and knows exactly how these processes can be mapped technically. Both factors are essential to ensure that the ERP solution pays off and that you can actually score with savings and optimisations in the end.

Another decisive factor for the success of your digitisation efforts is the consistent mapping and coordination as well as the handling of all parameters (print formats, print materials, presses incl. production characteristics such as formats and speeds per press, etc.) that flow into your print workflow. Only in this way is it effectively possible to design the entire print workflow in a consistently reliable, transparent and profit-optimised manner.

Our ERP software advanter makes it easy to handle these many parameters in digital large-format printing and brings clarity and security to your order processing.

After almost three decades in the ERP business, we can proudly look back on more than 100 successful projects in the field of large format printing. Our experience, ideas and inspirations flow into our projects and our software and we are proud to be able to call ourselves “industry experts” with conviction today. Making your processes sustainable for the digital future is our great passion.

Holistic optimisation along your business processes

One of the most important buzzwords when it comes to ERP deployment is HOLISTICITY. At every point in your process chain, you are digitally supported by advanter. And every point of your process chain, every area of your company is digitally linked via advanter. Only the holistic approach makes the use of an ERP software really effective.

Holistic optimisation along the business processes in the printing industry

advanter in practice

advanter maps your specialist processes end-to-end, so that digitalisation and automation of processes, stringent procedures, optimised machine and resource utilisation reduce frictional losses, save costs and effort and thus optimise your margins.

Incoming orders are digitally and completely recorded throughout, so that they can be used with all information for production and for the generation of subsequent documents such as delivery notes and invoices.

Mails are directly assigned to contacts via the integrated mail client, and the contents of mails can be directly integrated into calculations and quotations. Duplicate entries are avoided in a controlled manner, as a lot of time is spent on this and the error rate is very high.

The variation of enquiries in the printing industry is enormous. Whether customised to the customer’s requirements or standard orders: advanter is equipped for everything, because exact costing is essential not only in large-format printing. Both a detailed fine calculation in all details and the calculation of standard products, for example with the help of defined sets, can be implemented flexibly and easily. Once defined, you benefit in the long term.

In general, uniform costing schemes make it easier to limit the number of variants. It is then irrelevant which employee in the company does the costing. The same standard applies to everyone. Accurate, realistic and uniform costing secures and optimises your margins.

After approval, orders are transferred to production via a digital “job pocket”. The best possible use of resources is automatically controlled and designed. By combining the same productions and reducing set-up times, advanter ensures optimum machine utilisation.

After completion of production / notification of completion, labels and delivery notes are automatically prepared and transmitted to the carrier via interface. After feedback of the tracking data, everything is printed automatically.

After completion and dispatch, the invoice is automatically generated. The invoice is sent in the desired format (ZUGFeRD, X-invoice, PDF). From outgoing and incoming invoices, advanter automatically generates ready-accounted booking records, which can be transferred directly to financial accounting software such as DATEV.

In addition, an integrated evaluation tool enables continuous controlling. Whether an evaluation per cost centre, overall status or department-based: all information is always available. In real time. The BI export also informs you regularly about the desired details, so that you are able to view, analyse and, if necessary, optimise the performance of the individual departments or orders at any time.

External locations or special additional software such as online shops, B2B ordering systems or industry-specific systems such as RIP software can be connected via interface. It is important that data is reliably synchronised from one system to the other. Fully automatic, of course 😉.

Teamwork, awareness and cohesion - important pillars in the overall process

Important: the efficiency gain through ERP depends on how the technology is accepted by the employees and how they work with it. For this, those involved in the process should be able to understand the workflow in the company. Everyone should know why they do what and how, and what effects and dependencies their actions have. Only in this way will the effects of new technologies or restructuring become clear and the efficiency gains visible and comprehensible.

How can we support you?

Experience in a personal online live demo how advanter supports you in your business and also optimises your processes. We are happy to support you in sharpening your view of the big picture or even the smallest details.

ERP up close: advanter in practice