advanter Connectivity - flexible interface capability

ERP software such as advanter is the heart of any corporate IT software infrastructure. Thus, the connection to other systems is of central importance.

Interface capable "ex works"

Clearly, your ERP is the central and leading hub of all data flows in your company. Isolated solutions must be avoided – everything should come from a single source if possible.

Nevertheless, networking with third-party systems for special solutions on specific topics is an important factor. Store systems, freight carriers; financial accounting – the smooth connection to software specialized in certain areas is often a basic requirement when selecting an ERP software.

advanter supports the connection to other systems by default with various interface modules and is also flexibly expandable in this respect.

Nahtlose Anbindung von advanter an Fremdsysteme

Web Connect module: The "Swiss Army Knife"

Regardless of whether it is a web store, B2B customer ordering system or order entry tool – advanter automatically takes over customer orders from the web store and creates them as orders.

Via the Web Connect module, projects can be automatically transferred in XML format and projects with production directories can be created. Likewise, project data can be transferred to your workflow tool. The automated sending of PDF documents, such as the creation of ZUGFeRD PDF/A3 documents, is easily possible with advanter ex works.

Emails can be integrated directly into advanter (e.g. Exchange/Kerio connection). Your e-mail correspondence thus takes place entirely within the software. Incoming and outgoing e-mails are directly linked to the address based on the e-mail address and/or the project based on a project number. This way, everything is in the right place and your deputy also has an overview of the entire history.

The connection to various carriers is also a matter of course.

Examples of standard interfaces

    • Interface Web-Connect for the connection of web stores
    • Interface telephony / Estos Pro Call 4/5
    • Media database interfaces (e.g. OPIX, OPAS-G,…)
    • Interface Heidler shipping system (for optimized shipping processing with up to 140 different carriers)
      Interfaces GLS, DPD, DHL, UPS
    • Interface EDI
    • Interface CAD
    • Interface ESKO/OneVision
    • Interface financial accounting (DATEV, Sage, BMD, DIAMANT, Topix
      and many more.


Each integration of an interface saves a lot of individual work and ensures consistent or improved quality in process handling.

advanter has “best connections” and fits perfectly and uncomplicated into your IT landscape.

We would be happy to provide you with more details on this topic and look forward to hearing from you!

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