FileMaker: The technology behind advanter

Our advanter ERP software is based on FileMaker database technology.

Develop applications that work the way you do

FileMaker is a versatile tool for developing custom business applications. The proven database technology from Apple subsidiary Claris International Inc. features high security standards, flexible scalability, and ease of use.

As a workplace innovation platform, FileMaker supports companies with the digitalization of their business processes. Many “Fortune Global 500” companies use FileMaker.

In addition to our status as a Claris Platinum Partner, we have joined the Claris Partner Council, a collaboration between the Claris FileMaker Executive team and nine developers from around the world. We’re now one of them. That’s good for advanter and all of its users.

Claris Platinum Partner

Maximum flexibility with FileMaker ERP

FileMaker has a decisive advantage that makes this system so unique and valuable for us as developers and for you as a user: It adapts to its respective environment like a chameleon. That makes it possible for us to create new solutions with and for our customers again and again.

We learn more with every project and continue to expand the capabilities of our FileMaker ERP solution. advanter is a system that was developed in practice, for practice. The system consolidates more than 25 years of development experience and the concentrated expertise of our FileMaker specialists.

With advanter, you can select your own, custom FileMaker ERP full of possibilities.

advanter shows what FileMaker can do

FileMaker is the foundation; advanter is the result. We developed our business software as an ERP and CRM system from the many possibilities that FileMaker offers. We’ve turned everything FileMaker has to offer into features and usability, to generate business benefits. These benefits are tailored to industries, companies, processes, and employees and are highly customizable.

advanter is a software solution that looks good, feels good, and inspires you to capture every opportunity. A convenient, powerful ERP/CRM enterprise software with lots of FileMaker fine-tuning in detail.

Do you love FileMaker?

You might even have developed your own solutions with FileMaker. Apps that simplify processes and are fun to use? You have replaced a lot of paper with simple, available-everywhere data, optimized your workflows, and enabled your teams to collaborate better.

You’ve succeeded in overcoming system and device boundaries between OSX, iOS, Windows, desktop, iPad, and iPhone. You know what FileMaker can do!

FileMaker 19 takes several decisive steps forward and gives developers more tools for achieving better usability. ERP and CRM can be designed to be even better, even faster, and even simpler.

Take the next step and be happy that you won’t have to learn the new FileMaker features or search for solutions yourself. We’ve already done it for you.

How can we support you?

Experience advanter yourself in a personal online demo and let our experts guide you live through the platform.