advanter system requirements

advanter has been developed as a pan-system enterprise software solution that runs on Mac, iOS, and Windows. The minimum specifications for your IT environment are listed in the PDFs below.

Server requirements

advanter is based on FileMaker and is a server/client database solution. advanter runs on the Mac and Windows operating systems, even in mixed operation.

If you want to use the current advanter on an existing system or on new hardware, you can find out about the hardware and software requirements on the server side via the following PDF.

The ability to run advanter  is only guaranteed on systems that meet these requirements.

System requirements for FileMaker Server (PDF)

Client requirements

The client system requirements for Mac and PC for the latest advanter with FileMaker Pro 19 are listed below.

If you have questions about older FileMaker versions or systems not listed here, such as Mac OS X or Windows version, please contact us beforehand.

The FileMaker Go app is required to use purchased iPad modules (please contact us for more information).

System requirements FileMaker Client (PDF)

Network requirements

We require sufficiently large, operational network technology that is appropriate for the company size and business needs.

If your network will contain more than five clients, we recommend: a domain network/domain server, a domain name server (DNS), a gateway, a router, and a firewall.

Please note the technical requirements of the FileMaker products.

System requirements network

Backup requirements

The FileMaker server is used for data backups in advanter. Under the default settings, it backs up data on individually definable, physically connected hard drives up to two times per day.

New backups can be scheduled easily at any time. When backing up databases, there are some important notes that you have to follow.

The PDF “Data backup” provides this information in clear, concise form.

System requirements data backup (PDF)

Web server requirements

If you use the advanter 6 efficient module “Web time recording”, the employee times are entered in a website and synchronized with the database via the advanter application server.

Prerequisites for using web time recording are a web server and an advanter Application Server.

Requirements web server

Special on virtualization

Special requirements apply to the use of advanter in virtual environments.

advanter should run in a separate hardware environment. For system requirements, refer to the server system requirements.

Additional storage requirements for saving snapshots, event logs, and paging files of the virtualization server should be taken into account.

Virtualization system requirements (PDF)

advanter application server

The advanter application server (AAS) is a standard client computer that is responsible for automating recurring tasks.

The technical requirements for the application server to synchronize web time recording or web shop integration, as well as the application server for email integration (Windows only) are listed below.

Requirements App Server Email

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