advanter 7


With the latest version of our advanter ERP software, you can stay in flow and experience completely new dimensions for optimising your processes.
Smart functions, optimised workflows, clear structures, easy-to-use masks and improved usability open up new insights into your workflows every time. Incredibly obvious.

advanter 7 constantly offers you new perspectives across the entire process: the smallest details and the big picture. You can view the current status of the workflow at any time and take action. Never before has advanter been so clear: nothing remains hidden!

Track status live: "advanter 7 workbench"

With the new “advanter 7 Workbench”, you can maintain an overview and stay in the flow of your processes. You will find all relevant functions and live status messages exactly where you need them. advanter 7 reduces your click paths and simplifies your daily routine.

Communication – as simple and clear as never before

Numerous new features support you in your communication: whether internally via the new advanter e-mail, which takes you to the relevant document via a direct link, or externally via the advanter Business Portal: collaboration is sustainably improved. The satisfaction of employees and customers increases.

Seamless integration and holistically flowing processes

With the new advanter-connect technology, advanter is more compatible than ever before. Almost no connection is impossible anymore. Whether Deepl, Slack, e-mail clients, dispatch software, web shop or financial accounting – everything in flow, even across interfaces.

advanter 7 – Fact check

Integrated workflows

  • Revised preliminary and final costing
  • Order structuring with sub-formats for workflow interfaces
  • New print and cutting calculation
  • Format calculation based on services sold
  • New production planning (material queues, multi-day planning, collective production)
  • Packaging/dispatch based on delivery notes with optimised terminal module incl. scale interface

Style & Usablity

  • New design: advanter goes GREEN!
  • New live status information about the entire order process in the company
  • Mails with a direct link to the desired process (link to the document call)
  • Automatic creation of a digital job ticket for each title

Funktionen & Technologie

  • New “advanter connect module” to simplify the RestAPI interfaces
  • Revised workflow interface to ImpressWorkflowServer (Switch) / Durst-Workflow / OneVision
  • Logistics connection (REST APIs to freight carriers)
  • e-invoices (ZUGFeRD)
  • AI via Deepl integration for article translations
  • Slack interface for direct creation of channels for teams or projects. Including automatic transfer of project details, basic information or messages

Clear & intuitive - your entire workflow as clear as never before

advanter 7 is not only growing functionally, but also with passion. Through continuous further development and close co-operation with our customers, advanter 7 stands for a new modernity. Fast, clear and flexible – always ready to adapt to changing needs or requirements.

advanter 7 guides you intuitively through your business. Your workflows are digitally mapped 1:1. All information and functions are always waiting for you exactly where you need them. You always have everything in view from one screen. In real time, of course. With just a few clicks, you can start the workflow directly, issue approvals or check stock levels.

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""advanter 7 not only incorporates our 30 years of ERP experience, but also our entire passion for development. We are more than proud of the result. It's simply fun to work with."

All functions of advanter 7 at a glance

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales support

All addresses and bids clearly and concisely in one system. The specific tools that sales staff need to approach customers quickly, easily, and convincingly.

  • Customer management (intelligent address maintenance)
  • Telephony (inbound/outbound)
  • Memos
  • Selections for newsletters and mailings
  • Full document and contact history
  • Graphical maps of surroundings (customers, hotels, and so on)
  • Masthead import/address matching
  • Quotation generation, including costing
  • ABC analyses/customer ranking
  • Resubmissions/deadlines
Document Management System (DMS)

Specifically for procurement and sales!

The advanter Document Management System (DMS) provides all relevant documents and files at all times, to ensure a fast, efficient workflow over the entire sales process. A scan function lets you import printed documents directly and save them in the job folder. When a sales process is complete, the corresponding documents can be archived automatically.

  • Assignment of documents to receipts
  • Scan of documents (such as incoming invoices)
  • Automatic storage of PDFs for every printout in the DMS
  • Create job folders in the file system
  • Automatic folder structures
  • Clerk has access to all customer and order data
  • Automatic archiving
Management Information System (MIS)

Know your position at all times

Your numbers reveal how successful individual products, sales projects, and your entire business really are. advanter features many different analysis options and supports management in making decisions and proceeding strategically.

  • Analyze sales (by customer, employee, product, time period, and so on)
  • Calculate cash flow and liquidity
  • Determine profitability (overall, project-specific)
  • Generate forecast
  • Evaluate project hours and time tracking
Integrated email client

Fully integrated email client

advanter takes care of complete email management. The advantage: All emails are assigned to documents, projects, and addresses and can be retrieved at any time – for example, while talking to customers on the phone and in communications involving multiple employees (letters/email)

  • Full address overview of communication (email, letters, fax)
  • Email link with documents (such as purchase orders and invoices)
  • Possibility to create receipts (quoted order, incoming invoices, complaints)
  • Document dispatch via email
  • Customer communication via email
  • Automatic invoice dispatch via email
  • Synchronization of emails/appointments/addresses via Exchange or Kerio
Order processing, sales, customers

Order processing, sales, customers

More efficient sales

Shape your entire sales process – from quotation to order, delivery, and billing – to be clear and streamlined.


  • Support for multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • Campaign import
  • Margin calculation
  • Arrears management
  • Material requirements planning/warehouse reservation
  • Picking/scanner input
  • Pre-/post-calculation
  • Packaging/shipping cost recording
  • Email, such as shipping notifications and ZUGFeRD invoices


  • Delivery schedules
  • Customer delivery notes
  • Pallet/parcel allocation
  • Shipping data transfer to carrier
  • Transfer of tracking information and costs



  • Invoices (collective and partial invoices)
  • Pro forma invoices
  • Installment/final invoices
  • Open items (SEPA), credit memos
  • Commission notes

Special features

  • Email assignment/dispatch
  • Projects (paperclips for all documents)
  • BOMs/sets
  • Cross-selling
  • Internal mail dispatch for document approval
Procurement, purchasing, suppliers

Reliable availability – good terms

There’s an old business saying: “The profit lies in purchasing”. advanter helps you purchase materials and parts at favorable terms – profit-optimized, reliably, and quickly – and get them to the customer.

  • Requests for quotation: Prices, delivery time, availability, price comparison list
  • Supplier conditions (prices, texts, agreements)
  • Material requirements planning: order-related/warehouse-related
  • Framework orders
  • Arrears lists/delivery reminders

Goods receipts and incoming invoices

  • Quantity/quality control (block function)
  • Option: bar code scanner, mobile input via iOS
  • Document verification and preparation for transfer to accounting
  • Digitalization of incoming documents
  • Approval process
Stock management, warehouse

Keep a close eye on your merchandise

Stock your goods to have sufficient availability, but not tie up too much capital or incur high storage costs. Many functions can also be used on the go and online. That’s our goal.

  • Stock valuations and physical inventory
  • Storage history across all postings
  • Multi-stock handling for each item
  • External warehouse, picking warehouse, quarantine stores, …
  • Stock withdrawal or stock entry possible via barcode scanner
  • Warehouse postings or inventory check online via iPad
  • Storage and picking in the high-bay warehouse
Costing (only in advanter print+sign)

Cost large-format printing and advertising materials completely, exactly, and reliably

Give your quotations a solid foundation, so you can act confidently and successfully towards your customers and competitors. All costs can be calculated easily, based on the order details. This gives you the basis for optimizing your margins and keeping an eye on your business profitability overall.

  • Calculation of large-format rolls and sheet printing, as well as small-format digital printing and screen printing
  • Calculation of frames, including cutting information
  • Calculation of 3D letters and advertising elements such as pylons
  • Calculation of printing plates in offset
  • Master costing of machines and for personnel deployment, to calculate hourly rates
  • Definition of machine production properties (such as formats, modes, speeds, staff)
  •  Calculation of material costs, ink costs, production times, labour times
  • Calculation of laminates, cutting plotter costs, further processing (hems, eyelets, edges etc.)
    and small services
  • Apportionment of the calculated amounts to quotation items
  • Generation of quotations from the costing sheet
  • Calculation of optimal sales prices or check of competitive prices
Project and job handling (only in advanter media)

advanter media structures projects. The top level contains all the relevant project data, such as the contact persons and the communication. Below it are all the quotations and jobs assigned to the project, along with the corresponding information. advanter media provides maximum transparency for customer projects and internal projects. Use the sophisticated tools for simple, secure, cost-saving project handling. Project management, ERP, and CRM for Mac, iOS, and Windows.

Project management

  • Folders for costing/documents/dates/tasks
  • Project structures (projects/subprojects)
  • Project description with a job folder according to your requirements

Project controlling

  • Project workflow with status confirmation from employees
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Target time determination
  • Target/actual comparison

Project billing

  • Preliminary costing
  • Customer-centric billing
  • Post-calculation (PDC status, incoming invoice, material withdrawal)
Resource planning (only in advanter media)

Make sure your projects pay off

Don’t waste time! Plan, coordinate, and know who is doing what – with the goal of sustained profitability.

  • Transfer quoted services to internal tasks
  • Apportion tasks in target times
  • Assign to employees
  • Target/actual comparison
  • Leave planning (compare jobs with requests)
  • Planning via touch screen
Reliable, cost-optimized production

advanter production helps small-batch manufacturers, as well as plant engineers and machine manufacturers with build-to-order production, to design reliable, profit-optimized production processes. The system also supports the production of semi-finished products, as well as make-to-stock for inventory replenishment, and features an option for external production control.

  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Routings
  • Master/order BOMs
  • Cost of goods sold calculation
  • CAD interface
  • Assignment of drawings (2D/3D)
  • Change management
  • Pre-calculation
  • Demand determination/forecast
  • Contract manufacturing/make to stock
  • Collective productions
  • Reservation of stock (receipts/issues)
  • Order picking
  • Production-related procurement
  • Project warehouse reservation/booking
  • Production planning
  • Time recording/completion confirmation
  • Confirmation terminal UI
  • Individual iOS modules
  • Post-calculation (P&L)

Details on the system requirements for advanter:

Full-service support for updates and ERP migration

Our support team can give you professional assistance with updates from previous advanter versions to advanter 6 efficient. Updates take a minimum of effort and zero downtime.

Are you considering replacing your current ERP software with advanter 6 efficient? No problem! Take advantage of our experience from countless migration projects.

Timeline of new functions and highlights

advanter 7 – smart and efficient optimisation

May 2024

With the new 7 series, you will experience completely new possibilities for the continuous optimisation of your business processes.

Smart functions, optimised workflows, clear structures and easy-to-use screens provide comprehensive support for your workflows and constantly open up new insights into your work processes.

January 2022

advanter 6 efficient – work faster and more effectively

May 2022

Make your processes more efficient! Numerous optimizations and new features save you lots of time in all areas of your business processes. Better system performance, convenient features, customization options. Work wherever, whenever, and however you want to.

January 2022

advanter 5 elements – The ERP software that adapts to your business.

January 2019

Reorganization of the elements: A redesign of the look and feel, with a completely new user interface, creates a new dimension of usability. You can now navigate in and customize your advanter as easily as your smartphone. ZUGFeRD or XML invoices, user-specific print storage, automated billing, route planning with route optimization, and many other features pave your way to digitalization.

January 2022

advanter 4 evolution: newer, bolder, more modern. The business software for your company

May 2016

In 2016, advanter made an evolutionary development leap: optimization of the look, feel, and logic through shorter navigation paths and smart menu navigation, DMS with drag-and-drop functions and PDF preview, pop-over spaces, flat icons, retina resolution, advanter2Go update, and simply more performance to speed up all processes.

January 2022

advanter 3 reload – the ERP software. Speed up your business

October 2013

Reloaded with new functions and power: underlying technology FileMaker 12, Advanter2Go for iPad, electronic invoice dispatch, storage of processes from emails, GEO map function, new print functions, acceleration through server-side shifted processes, and many more.

January 2022

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