advanter 7 - smart and efficient process optimisation

advanter 7 – Optimise processes smartly and efficiently

With the new version of the advanter ERP software, you can experience your business processes from a new perspective


It’s finally here: the new version of our advanter ERP software!

The advanter 7 version offers you completely new possibilities for the continuous optimisation of your business processes. Your entire workflow is digitally mapped 1:1 and thus offers holistic transparency even across interfaces.

advanter 7 is all about state-of-the-art software ergonomics – not just in terms of colour, but also functionally and technologically. Smart functions, optimised workflows, clear structures, well-organised masks, sophisticated logic, simple handling and improved usability open up new insights into workflows time and time again. Benefit from numerous new functions and innovative features:


Everything at a glance with the "advanter 7 workbench"

With advanter 7, your order screen becomes a “workbench”. On your personal workbench, you maintain an overview and stay in the flow of your processes. You have a complete overview of the entire order, including the live status, on one screen.

All relevant functions, information and status messages can be found in the document screens, organised by subject area. Sorted chronologically according to your workflow sequence.

You receive live information on the respective task area at the click of a button and can take action directly from here: issue approvals, communicate, plan and monitor graphic files and their deadlines. This allows you to intervene more quickly with minimal effort, fulfil tasks or set the course for a smooth process flow.

advanter 7 workbench
advanter 7 order list

The new advanter 7 task list also provides a complete overview of all current projects. The current status for each task area – all top information prominently displayed in an overview.

Start right in the middle of the action with a direct link

Do you urgently need feedback? A release? Information to get the process “back on track”?

With the advanter 7 mail function, you can generate an e-mail from the order. The addressee receives an HTML e-mail notification with the relevant information, your message and a button. A click on this button takes the recipient directly to the relevant document.

Mehr Service für Ihre Kunden – advanter Business Portal

advanter 7 Business-Portal

More service for your customers – less effort for you!

The new advanter Business Portal provides your customers with an overview of all current and completed orders, including production status. Delivery notes or invoices with PDF download option, tracking numbers, deadlines. With the advanter Business Portal you increase the service level for your customers immensely!

advanter 7 connect

With the new advanter-connect technology for REST-API connections, advanter is more compatible than ever before. Almost nothing is impossible anymore. Whether Deepl, Slack, e-mail clients, dispatch software, web shop, financial accounting or workflow software (Switch, Durst, One Vision). The seamless integration of numerous third-party systems enables a consistent workflow across interfaces. Switching from one software to another is hardly noticeable.

The Slack connection facilitates your communication flow. You can create Slack channels for your projects directly from advanter to communicate with your entire project team. Project details and basic information are transferred directly to the channel. It is also easy to return from the Slack channel to advanter. Everything in flow.

advanter 7 intelligent language assistant - Deepl connection

advanter 7 intelligent language assistant

The “advanter 7 intelligent language assistant” ensures the flow of your international communication. Using an API connection to Deepl, you can translate your article names and descriptions directly into the desired language with a click. Other processes can also be integrated.

advanter 7 e-Rechnung

With the new advanter 7 you are ideally equipped for the e-invoicing obligation from 2025:

The transfer of outgoing invoices in the ZUGFeRD 2.x and X-invoice formats is a matter of course with advanter 7.

Both an invoice according to the X standard and an invoice in the ZUGFeRD format from version 2.0.1 represent an invoice in a structured electronic format that complies with the European standard for electronic invoicing.

advanter 7 Rechnungswesen gemäß EU Anforderungen
Im „advanter 7 MIS“ laufen alle Informationen zusammen

advanter 7 MIS

Data and its interpretation and analysis are becoming increasingly important these days! The success of flexible planning and short-term optimisation and adjustments is often based on processed and readable data. No decision should be made without a sound data basis. All information comes together in the “advanter 7 MIS” (Management Information System).

From all areas. In real time.

With the information from the new order backlog analysis, you can define the roadmap for the future of your company. The intelligent dashboards for management or production visualise your data at the highest level and constantly provide you with new approaches for optimising your workflows.

advanter 7 – print+sign exclusives

The industry edition print+sign has been enriched with numerous new features and functions. Particularly in the area of costing, there is hardly anything left to be desired for large format printing or digital printing. Here you have numerous new options for optimising your margins:

  • new, more detailed options for pre- and post-calculation
  • import of Excel lists for job creation
  • variant selection
  • precise price calculation
  • time-saving, intelligent auto-calculation: the parameters for the calculation are adjusted and advanter automatically converts the changed target format into the appropriate print and cutting formats. Always optimised for the best possible benefit: minimum material costs and minimum waste. All information on waste, efficiency, time and consumption costs is displayed immediately after changing a parameter.
  • stock reservation: when the final costing items are stored, the required materials are reserved in the warehouse directly for the production of this order. In the event of non-availability, corresponding feedback is provided.
  • campaign orders (import, administration, delivery, invoicing), processing as if by itself, standard campaign orders can be processed almost completely automatically.
  • automated assignment of print files/motifs to the order items
  • framework calculation 2.0
  • optimisation of ancillary cost invoicing
  • sub-format creation
  • creation of collective production orders
  • automated production planning
  • Based on the entry of the delivery date, production is automatically pre-allocated and digitally planned. Including timing of all sub-items as well as upstream and downstream trades, including consideration of capacities, capacity utilisation, set-up times, etc. Of course, there is every possibility for flexibilisation. In the event of rescheduling, the upstream and downstream trades are taken into account and rescheduled accordingly.
  • Logistics planning: advanter 7 provides you with a valuable tool for utilising the numerous potentials in the logistics sector. From the automated printing of all label variants, the issuing of digital transport orders for goods movements, “advanter parcel creation”, the seamless connection of carriers or multicarrier software to the automatic feedback of all logistically relevant items and expenses for post-calculation in the “shipping and freight cost list”.
  • Picking & parcel creation: with advanter 7 you can also pack your goods virtually: select material, retrieve weight from connected scales, print label, finalise parcel by entering the user code. No information is lost. Everything is transparent. Error rate: almost zero.
Detailed costing in advanter 7
Production Planning in Large Format Printing with advanter
Logistikabwicklung mit der ERP Software advanter print + sign

The future can come with the 7 series

With our new advanter 7, you are ideally equipped for future developments.

Experience a new dimension in the field of process optimisation. Unprecedented transparency across your entire process opens up numerous new possibilities for optimising your workflow in a holistic and fluid manner.

advanter digitally maps your processes 1:1. The workflow becomes transparent, no costs and efforts remain hidden, no opportunity remains unutilised. By communicating all process-relevant details in real time, you have the flexibility to actively control events at any time.

Benefit from the opportunities for maximum optimisation of your processes – the chance to improve your profits and margins. You will be surprised how much undiscovered potential lies dormant in your processes 🙂

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