ERP advanter® – modular functionality, holistic digitalization

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. It refers to the efficient planning and control of all resources (material, capital, personnel) and processes used in a company. In ERP software or in an ERP system, all this information from all areas (finance, human resources, production, logistics, services, procurement, etc.) that is necessary for managing a company is managed and organized holistically.

With the help of different functional modules, both industry-specific and area- or trade-specific requirements and needs are met.

With the advanter ERP system, you can not only plan, manage and control your individual business processes, but also link them together. Holistically!

This creates transparency and efficiency across the board and in all areas of your company. You increase your productivity and optimize your resources. By means of real-time reporting, you have an overview at all times and are able to act flexibly and agilely.

advanter - modular functionality

Our ERP software advanter has a modular structure. Thus, your advanter becomes your company’s own one-of-a-kind. Tailored and optimized exactly to your requirements. Almost nothing is impossible!

All features of advanter 6 efficient at a glance

Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM)

The perfect support for your sales! All addresses/offers can be found centrally, tidily and clearly in one system! The flexible screen layouts optimize the CRM with sales-specific views and functions. One layout for all contact types, call notes, open offers and appointments. All customer-specific receipts, documents and actions are controlled from the address. Tasks or appointments in the integrated calendar (e.g. for following up on offers) ensure that no process is forgotten.

Exactly the tools that the sales department needs to address customers quickly, easily and convincingly.

  • Customer management (intelligent address maintenance incl. various classification options)
  • Telephony (inbound/outbound)
  • Call notes
  • Selections for newsletters and mailings
  • Complete document and contact history
  • Current project status
  • Graphical environment map (customers, hotels etc.)
  • Imprint import/address matching
  • Quotation creation including calculation
    ABC analyses/customer ranking
  • Resubmissions/Dates
  • And much more
Document-Management-System (DMS)

advanter optimizes purchasing and sales! To ensure a fast and efficient workflow throughout the entire sales process, the advanter document management system (DMS) makes all relevant documents and files available at all times. No matter whether in documents or projects. During document printing, PDF files are automatically generated and stored in the virtual filing cabinet. In addition, external files (e.g. Excel sheets, images, PDF files) can also be assigned and managed. A real step towards a paperless office.

  • Assignment of documents to records
  • Scan documents directly into the DMS (e.g. incoming invoices)
  • Automatic filing of PDFs for each printout in the DMS
  • Creation of directories or job folders in the file system
  • Automatic folder structures
  • Access of the clerk to all customer and job data
  • Automatic archiving
  • And much more
Management-Information-System (MIS)

Know where you stand at all times! How well individual goods, sales projects and the entire business are really performing is revealed by the figures. advanter offers many different ad-hoc evaluation options and supports management in making decisions and acting strategically. The options for segmenting and narrowing down reporting are extremely diverse. No matter if by client, agent, customer, article, clerk, cost center, in different times or defined phases. Everything is possible.

  • Evaluate sales (according to customers, employees, goods, periods …)
  • Determine cash flow and liquidity
    Determine profitability (total, project related)
  • Retrieve forecast
  • Monthly evaluation of working hours and operating data
  • Project hours overviews and productivity evaluation
  • Sales hit list by agent & customer
  • Inventory and stock movement overviews
  • And much more
Procurement and purchasing

Reliable availability and good conditions! advanter helps to purchase materials and components via good conditions in a profit-optimized, reliable and fast way and to bring them to the customer. The procurement of goods, consumables or fixed assets is supported by advanter in various ways.

advanter informs about suppliers, reminds about delivery dates and controls incoming invoices. If desired, incoming goods inspection and invoice verification can be carried out in a single operation. Stocks are updated automatically. Convenient overviews for inquiries and orders facilitate disposition. This module also makes use of the entire company data.

  • Inquiries: prices, delivery time, availability, price comparison list
  • Supplier conditions (prices, texts, agreements)
  • Article minimum/maximum/reportable stocks
  • Disposition order-related/warehouse-related
  • Blanket orders
    Backorder lists/delivery reminders
  • Calculation & pricing
  • Goods receipts and incoming invoices
  • Quantity/quality controls (blocking function)
  • Barcode scanner option, mobile entry also via iOS
  • Document check and preparation for Fibu transfer
  • Digitization of incoming documents
  • Release process
  • And much more

Calculate completely, accurately and securely. Create a solid basis for your offers so that you can act and appear confidently towards customers and competition. All costs can be easily calculated according to the order details. This is the basis for you to keep an eye on the profitability of your company.

  • Calculation of sales items
  • Calculation of total orders
  • Calculation of costs and sales prices
  • Quantity scale prices and discounts
  • Customer special prices
  • Foreign currency prices or unit conversion
  • Format conversion to area prices
  • Margin calculation / specification
  • Item discount / discount in kind
  • Target price specification
  • Alloy / raw material surcharges
  • Allocation of the determined amounts to offer positions
  • Calculation of optimal sales prices or checking of predatory prices
  • And much more

Production organization with inventory control is the main task of the advanter production module. Production can be started during the design phase. Changes in parts lists are automatically reconciled. Materials are scheduled and provided in interaction with procurement. The integrated time recording flows into the project post-calculation and enables better controlling. The integrated time recording flows into the project post-calculation and enables optimal controlling in real time.

  • Construction/material parts lists
  • Operations
  • Work activities
  • Production orders
  • Production orders
  • External production
  • Provision of own material
  • Confirmations / completion messages
  • Calculation
  • Serial number assignment
  • Serial number generation for own productions
  • Assignment of finished goods to trade orders
  • Stock postings
  • Labeling
  • Barcode integration
  • Integration of image documents or CAD drawings.
  • And much more
Inventory & Warehouse Management

In warehouse management, inventory changes are processed by order processing and procurement. Warehousing is included in the processes through standardized actions.
With advanter you always have your goods and their availabilities firmly in view and store so that everything is sufficiently and quickly available. Without tying up a lot of capital and incurring high storage costs.

Numerous functions can also be used mobile and online.

Furthermore, the areas of inventory and goods control represent important tasks. advanter is multi-warehouse capable and also manages transit warehouses as well as blocked warehouses.

  • Stock changes
  • Storage location management
  • Warehouse postings
  • Stock evaluations and inventories (key date inventory, permanent inventory, article inventory)
  • Warehouse history of all bookings
  • Multi-warehouse capability per article
  • External warehouse, commission warehouse, blocked warehouse, …
  • Stock withdrawal via barcode scanner also mobile possible
  • Warehouse bookings or inventory control online via iPad
  • Disposition
  • Forms
  • Warehouse history
  • Serial number/batch tracking
  • And much more
Order Processing, Service & Sales

With advanter you design the entire sales process from the offer to the order, the delivery, the service, the billing and the evaluation in a lean and clear way. Order processing is the central area of every ERP solution. This is where clarity and speed count. advanter allows you to create orders either from the address or the order menu. The conversion function allows any document transfer (e.g. order to delivery bill). Backorder quantities are automatically tracked and displayed in a list. The document conversion automatically generates a process chain that seamlessly documents the reference of all documents of a business transaction.

Technical services such as on-site installation, maintenance contracts, and equipment rental are also controlled by ERP. After all, successful service must be well planned and integrated into day-to-day business.


  • Accounts receivable master
  • Credit limit check during order creation
  • Delivery and payment conditions
  • Release obligation before printout or further processing
  • Blanket orders, recurring orders, runtime orders, mass orders
  • Commission lists
  • Payment plans for partial invoices
  • Delivery division of items with different addresses
  • Multicurrencies and multilingualism
  • Calculation & pricing
  • Margin calculations
  • Backorder management
  • Disposition/warehouse reservation
  • Picking/Scanner entry
  • Order tour planning
  • Proforma or customs document
  • ZUGFeRD invoices


  • Invoices (collective, partial, final invoices)
  • Progress payments
  • Credit notes
  • Commissions
  • E-mail assignment/sending
  • Parts lists/sets
  • Cross-selling
  • Transfer to financial accounting
  • Open item management as well as SEPA transfers (see Finance)


  • Service orders
  • Complaint orders
  • Runtime orders
  • Device passport for the management of device components and device maintenance
  • Projects (paper clip for all receipts)
  • Processing of service calls on iOS incl. trip recording
  • Photo documentation on iOS
  • And much more

advanter supports all varieties of modern communication. Letters and e-mails are directly assigned to the address and the project. Convenient resubmission functions in the integrated calendar enable optimal follow-up. The connection to MS-Office ensures independence and flexibility.

In addition, advanter takes care of the complete e-mail management. All e-mails are assigned to documents, projects and addresses and can be called up at any time with a simple click – e.g. in customer meetings on the phone or even in inter-employee communication (letters/e-mails)

  • Complete address overview of communication (e-mails, letters, faxes)
  • Document creation from e-mail: offer, order, incoming invoice, complaint
  • Document dispatch by e-mail
  • Customer communication via e-mail
  • Automatic sending of invoices by e-mail
  • Synchronization of e-mails/appointments/addresses via Exchange or Kerio
  • Resubmissions
  • Text modules
  • Correspondence overview from addresses
    Telephony (direct dialing from CRM mask, projects and documents, recognition of incoming calls and various telephone system connections)
  • And much more

advanter brings structure to your projects! From the beginning, in the middle, until completion. advanter makes the entire project management simple and clear: coordinate times and tasks, optimize workflow, keep an eye on costs and margins, store and provide data and media, and visualize the project status.

Have projects completely under control!

Project management

  • Collection pockets for calculations/documents/dates/tasks
  • Project structures (upper/sub-projects)
  • Project creation with a job pocket/TechDok according to your specifications
  • Creation of quotations, orders, delivery bills, etc.
  • Transfer of standard dates & milestones according to project type
  • Project files accessible at any time

Project controlling

  • Project workflow with status feedback of employees
  • Resource scheduling
  • Deadline control
  • Target time determination
  • Target-actual comparison
  • Project planning diagram
  • Electronic check-in/check-out of job bag by resource or employee

Project accounting

  • Pre-calculation
  • Customer oriented billing
  • Post costing (BDE status, incoming invoice, material withdrawal)

And much more…


To make projects pay off: don’t waste time! Plan, control and know who does what and when – with the goal of sustainable profitability.

  • Transfer of bid services into internal tasks
  • Allocation of tasks to target times
  • Assignment to employees
  • Target-actual comparison
  • Vacation planning (matching orders with requests)
  • Planning via touch screen
  • Resources daily/weekly plan
  • Resources occupation plan
  • Resource overview employee project times
  • Overview of working time bookings in resource overview
  • Information employee activities, cost center occupancy
  • Information target/actual comparison
Operating data acquisition

The recording of employee times for projects is an important indicator for any evaluations and efficient planning. Here, the storage of work step-relevant information and times takes place on a project, activity or cost center basis.

  • Employee master data
  • Project time recording with activity data
  • Different project time recording masks (project-related / production-related / recording of work steps)
  • Recording of times and quantities
  • Marking of additional work
  • Marking of auxiliary times
  • Article-specific recording fields in the project time recording (PDC)
  • Comparison of the ACTUAL working time with the booked project times
  • And much more
Recording of working time

The employees’ attendance times are recorded via the advanter module AZE (working time recording). Whether automatic, fixed or manual breaks. Easy to record vacation requests and blocking times (such as vacation, sick, etc.) as well as the calculation of overtime and remaining vacation. Thanks to the graphical vacation calendar everything exactly in view. Mobile time recording is also possible via terminal and web.

  • Employee master data (each employee with his working time model, cost center, resource, vacation days, blocking times, booking hours per day all in one “file”)
  • Working time models (contains information about weekly hours, booking hours, core time, break regulation, bonuses, overtime regulation)
  • Change of working time models for early/late shift/week change (so-called rule sequences)
    clock-in/out booking via 1. advanter log-in/log-out, 2. manually in advanter or 2. via token booking at AZE displays
  • Break bookings
  • Project time recording (see BDE)
  • Production time recording (see BDE)
  • Working time recording via AZE display
  • Resource management
  • Graphical vacation calendar
  • Vacation requests with e-mail confirmation response
  • Blocking times (sick, vacation, parental leave, doctor’s visit, etc.)
  • Short-time work
  • Overtime balance
  • Hours transfer to payroll accounting
  • Monthly evaluation by e-mail
  • And much more
Finance & Accounting

As an internal management center for all open items, advanter provides information about due items or reminders. Furthermore, payments can be executed with advanter. Automatic reminders remind you of due outgoing or incoming invoices as well as reminders.

  • Open incoming invoices
  • Open outgoing invoices
  • Due date overviews
  • Payment transactions
  • Partial payments
  • Posting of credit notes
  • Dunning
  • Key date query
  • Foreign currency entry
  • Various financial interfaces
  • Various invoice formats (X Invoice, ZUGFeRD)
  • WIR payments (Switzerland)
  • SEPA transfer for direct debits
  • Payment import
  • Account sheet
  • And much more.

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