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ERP in large format printing – advanter 6 in use at DCP Digitaldruck & Profiltechnik GmbH

DCP is not only a state-of-the-art company on the outside. Optimized processes, sophisticated automation and a high level of digitalisation also ensure smooth operations and satisfied customers behind the impressive backdrop. advanter has been in use at the innovative digital printing company in Gütersloh since 2016. Successfully supporting 35 workstations in the meantime.

DCP Digitaldruck & Profiltechnik GmbH & Co.KG has been a specialist in large-format digital printing since 1996. Today, primarily as a service provider for the trade fair & event sector, but also in the healthcare sector. Whether as standard solutions or individual projects: the digital printing expert with an extensive product portfolio advises its customers in a solution-oriented and partnership-based manner. As a modern and future-oriented company with over 3200 square metres of production, administration and exhibition space, the printing professional from Gütersloh works sustainably and climate-neutrally.

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Digitalization and process support with advanter since 2016

Since 2016, advanter has been supporting the operational processes at DCP. Integrated. In all areas of the company. The ERP software is used at every workplace, whether in accounting, production, purchasing or order management.

 “advanter is used everywhere in our company. There is nothing we don’t do with advanter”.
Oliver Knaup, founder and managing director of DCP.

From time recording, costing and quoting, address data maintenance across the entire production process to invoicing, invoice dispatch and complaints processing – all data and processes run via advanter.

The decisive criterion for the selection in 2016 was already the extensive functional portfolio of the ERP software from Günther Business Solutions GmbH. The advanter Edition print+sign with its modules and functionalities geared to the needs and requirements of the printing industry successfully convinced the printing professional from Gütersloh.

In order to optimize and automate the processes, the complete print workflow including print and cut formats, materials, etc. and the special requirements with regard to variants, sizes or colouring are mapped consistently via the software at DCP. The special parameters are digitally coordinated and combined. The constant and continuous transmission of all project information is decisive for the success of the productions.

Optimized data collection and continuous information transfer

When the quotation is prepared, DCP already specifies what exactly is to be printed on the label and the shipping label later on.

DCP Leuchtwand

All data and information such as formats, sizes, designations of motifs and other information for the location of the products at the later place of use from the customer’s graphic plan are stored in advanter when the offer is made and communicated consistently for each product. This exact and consistent communication of all this information and details about the order is essential for the success of the projects. Only with the clear designation on the label of each individual product or product part can it be ensured that the individual components flow back into the correct order.

This clear and complete description is also essential for flawless final assembly at the exhibition site. Only in this way can the fitter, who may not know the basic order, assemble and install the product correctly on site.

After completion of the order, invoicing takes place automatically during the night after setting the corresponding flag. The invoices for the released orders are generated via the advanter application server and either sent as an e-mail or sent to the printer for printing.

Individualization & flexibility

“Software that comes with such a range of functions, that I can customize for myself in many places at any time, is simply a huge benefit,” says Oliver Knaup.

In order to be able to work in a future-proof manner, to withstand current developments and technologies, to be able to meet new standards and guidelines, a certain degree of flexibility is an enormous advantage. New processes, interfaces or other individual requirements at DCP are continuously defined in close coordination with Günther Business Solutions and mapped in a targeted manner via advanter.

“Topics such as digitalisation and interfaces are becoming increasingly important. advanter is now so deeply integrated into our production via interfaces that it is de facto impossible to work without it,” confirms CEO Knaup.

advanter always is in the flow at DCP – for example connected via API with tFlow. The prepress software for file checking and editing is in turn directly connected to the cutting tables.

With the update from 5.2 to version 6, advanter at DCP has become a little faster and more secure. There was also a big leap from an employee perspective in 2019 with version 5 and the new, modern navigation interfaces. In a company where the software is used by every employee without exception at every workplace, whether seamstress, packer, printer, pre-press or in metal construction, usability is essential. After all, software is only good and efficient if – as is the case with DCP – people enjoy working with it.

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