Richnerstutz: From standard software to LFP industry software

Why a market leader in large format printing switched from standard software to an industry solution.

140 employees. 12,000 sqm production area. Over 700,000 sqm of printed material per year. There are few large-format printers in the German-speaking world who think and act in these dimensions.

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Richnerstutz AG is a big player in large format printing (LFP) and rightly sees itself as a full-service provider. The Swiss company has a broad portfolio in the field of three-dimensional communication. Digital solutions at the point of sale, such as digital signage or interactive touch systems, are now an integral part of the comprehensive range of services.

The complexity of the work processes requires a high degree of planning and control of resources. The claim to offer integrated communication solutions to the customer is a special challenge for the company. To meet this challenge, Richnerstutz AG has relied on the ERP software advanter for more than 5 years.

From supplementary production planning to an overall ERP solution

In 2014, the company’s production manager was researching for software that would provide support exclusively in production planning. The existing standard software of a US software group did not offer these industry-specific functions. After initial discussions with representatives of Günther Business Solutions GmbH, the production manager was surprised by the industry-specific functionalities of advanter®. It quickly became clear: an integrated overall solution that combines production, CRM, project management or even assembly, among other things, was the better alternative for the established large-format printing company.

The advantage of a fully comprehensive ERP software solution is the linking of different production trades with commercial order processing, logistics and customer communication. All departments should be involved right from the start and be able to work with advanter. In this way, the company laid the foundation for further company growth at an early stage.

“The integration of production control and planning in the sales documents facilitates and relieves the employees in the company. The creation of order confirmations and the internal production release take place almost simultaneously, as both processes can be mapped in a single system. By digitally recording the production status, our customer advisors can track the current status of their order and consequently respond more quickly to short-term customer requests and adjustments.”

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After other departments were convinced by advanter, the company switched completely to advanter as the leading and holistic ERP software.

Apart from financial accounting, all relevant work processes were united and connected in advanter. After an approx. 6-month process with workshop, concept phase and implementation, Richnerstutz introduced the ERP software advanter in the company. At the beginning, 38 users were working with the new business software. Since then, the number of users has grown to 77 (as of May 2019).

“We are currently working on the digitalisation of processes in assembly planning and the automated invoicing of orders. In close cooperation with the Günther Business Solutions consulting team, the foundations have already been laid and advanter has been jointly tailored to the needs of the industry. Digital order picking for more efficient warehouse management and digital provision of assembly documents are further milestones on the agenda for next year.”

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