TREVISION – der Global Player im Großformatdruck

TREVISION – the global player in large format printing focuses on holistic digitisation with advanter

As an ERP system, advanter keeps all divisions and processes together across the board at the renowned large-format printer from Austria. From the field service and purchasing to the entire production and shipping to the accounting and management. advanter is integrated in all areas, all processes are supported by advanter. The time savings gained through digitalisation at all levels are enormous. As an integral part of the company’s processes, advanter is now indispensable at TREVISION.

TREVISION – Global player on the road to success

As an internationally active large-format print provider, TREVISION Groß.Bild.Technik GmbH from Austria creates impressive brand experiences in large format. And has been doing so for over 30 years.

In addition to the production of digitally printed, large-format images (whether façade cladding, shop window images, whether on fabric, tarpaulins, banners, construction fence nets or as show & light boxes), TREVISION also has its own metal construction division and offers LED lighting systems as total solution concepts.

TREVISION’s prints accompany us around the world, so you can find impressive large formats and posters not only in Austria and Germany, but also in the Dubai Mall or in Japan.

Beeindruckende Großformate von Trevision
Anspruchsvolle Individuallösungen im Kunst- oder Eventsektor

Well-known brand suppliers such as Swatch or C&A rely globally on TREVISION. Supported by production facilities in Dubai, Qatar and Canada or partners in India. In addition to Germany and the Netherlands, the field service from Austria has also been successful in Italy since 2022.

The wide range of different customers and requests, from standard mass productions to highly demanding individual solutions in the art or event sector, require extreme flexibility and quality. Not infrequently, the demanding individual print orders come in very spontaneously and have extremely short delivery times.

Flexible and special requirements? Flexible industry software!

In today’s age of crises and challenges, it is clearer than ever that such flexible requirements can only be met with digital and holistic support. In this respect, Jürgen Marzi, who has been with the company for over 22 years and has been CEO at TREVISION since 2015, has done everything right.

As the desire and also the necessity grew to bring the primarily still paper-based processes up to a digital level, to be able to document the processes better and to plan the orders better, the management initially started looking for a suitable industry solution for large format printing. They found what they were looking for in 2019 with advanter Edition print+sign.

In addition, they found a dedicated IT project manager in Martin Bischof, who was to devote himself exclusively to the “software introduction and digitisation” project. The studied IT specialist was exclusively recruited as technical project manager for the software introduction and has been an advanter professional with heart and soul ever since.

2020: Adventure software introduction - Let the game begin!

Since everyone in the company, without exception, is affected by such changes, and everyone has to change their habits and working methods in some way, or get used to the new software, a lot of clarification work, communication and sensitivity is indispensable right at the beginning of all planning. Because if there is no basic understanding and comprehensibility for changes to the usual processes in the company, acceptance among the employees and thus successful work with the system will be difficult.

Martin Bischof has really done a great job here. With a lot of commitment and dedication, every employee and every department was brought on board. Ideas and suggestions for improvement, but also points of criticism and concerns were put on the table during the process definition. The advantages and necessity of the changeover to holistic digitally supported work were defined and explained in detail for the individual departments. All departments and employees are integrated into the overall process. The acceptance of the new system is high, the staff enjoys working with the new system and it is very successful:

“Before the changeover, there were very many dependencies on individuals. This bundling has many dangers. For example, if only half the people are there because of lock downs and corona, it is simply no longer possible to work efficiently. With the switch to advanter, the job became the central tool of the whole company. It is crucial that we make the knowledge of every job, every process available to everyone at all times. All orders are documented in detail in advanter. We want to know at all times how each individual piece was made, what the dimensions of each piece are, what piping was used and how it was applied, how and when the product was shipped,” Martin Bischof explains.

Workflow optimisation par excellence - efficiency gain through digital process optimisation

Not only at the major interfaces, but above all at the small adjusting screws in the process flow, the potential for process improvement was uncovered within the framework of the comprehensive digitalisation.

With advanter, we were able to significantly increase our efficiency in all areas. Today we have proper production planning, we have proper data for the management, we have a shipping interface that allows us to make digital freight bookings directly from the orders. Today we have orders that really document what is being done,” says Martin Bischof.

Frame calculator

The best example of the effective time saving is the frame calculator: information that previously had to be laboriously clicked together for each offer is now digitally calculated with the advanter frame calculator virtually at the click of a mouse. By entering just a few essential basic details (width, height, light yes/no, bracing yes/no, LED yes/no), the frame or lightbox is automatically assembled and calculated in the background. From the few pieces of information, advanter generates a detailed list of the individual pieces, incl. parts list and order for the metalworker. Easy to use and clearly documented for everyone in the system at all times.

Campaign handling

Digital and reliable campaign handling is essential, especially for an internationally active large-scale printer with globally active customers and campaigns. Especially with such large campaigns, countless information and data from countless data sources must be reliably handled in a wide variety of formats. In the past, this was done more or less “manually” via Excel lists. Before digitalisation, the tendering of such a campaign meant at least a week’s work for one employee. And that with an extremely high susceptibility to errors.

With advanter, a comprehensive import tool has been integrated. With its support, Excel lists can now be imported in one go after conversion into import lists and automatically written out in several orders (one order per country). Today, a large order can be tendered within 2-3 hours.Campain Managament

On the other hand, an XML interface to a partner company in TREVISION Holding has been implemented. The orders received by the partner and assigned to TREVISION enter advanter fully automatically as XML data via the interface. Here they are directly converted into orders including all information and details.

The next step will be to connect advanter to DURST’s software: the order data will then be transferred to DURST’s workflow software. This software checks whether the data is correct and complete. If this is the case, the job goes directly to the nesting (compilation of the images on the roll) and in the optimal course further through to the press.

“For standard jobs, it would then be possible in the best case to send the job through without anyone having to add anything manually. That is the final stage of development that we would like to achieve.”, explains Martin Bischof. “These are things that really help us in the area of standard projects. This frees up working time for other, labour-intensive projects that I cannot cover via a standard interface.

Shipping & Packing: digital scale and VLog interface​

At TREVISION, the digital scale is an important tool for optimising packaging and shipping logistics. What used to be done in many manual steps is now a flowing process: each job bag receives a QR code with the packaging. The packed job bag is then scanned on the digital scales. The dimensions and weight of the package are recorded by laser. advanter reads this data and stores it directly in the order. For each individual package. In this way it can be traced in detail how many packages with which contents belong to which order.

In shipping, advanter automatically recognises when everything for an order has been packed and is ready for shipping. Now the shipping interface VLog comes into play: a digital freight booking system that can be used to specify directly from the order with which carrier the shipment is to be planned. The shipment is automatically booked with the desired shipping service provider, and the shipping data is transmitted digitally. The costs for the shipment are transmitted back to advanter and stored in the order.

advanter & TREVISION: a dynamic partnership that is great fun to be a part of

After the project is before the project: TREVISION stays in the flow – and on an enormously high digital level.
When all the ideas that are circulating have been implemented, we start all over again: we go through the departments, talk to each other, gather experience and ask for ideas. The essence of this becomes the basis for the coming further developments and optimisations.

“For us, advanter is a living system that was exciting, is exciting and will remain exciting. We are in very good hands with Günther Business Solutions GmbH because you can handle it just as flexibly as we would like. We are a very fast-moving company, so we need a fast partner. We are thrilled with how quickly you can implement adjustments.
Martin Bischof, Project Manager

New inspirations, ideas for optimisations, creative thought-provoking impulses – with TREVISION as a partner, we never get bored either. Many exciting projects continuously strengthen our good cooperation and give us conspiratorial input for innovative projects. And this is exactly how a successful cooperation should be: a lively partnership that is simply fun!